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Yucca {Adams Needle}

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Spring is the best season for planting yucca. It will grow rapidly and get well settled before winter. You can plant yucca by cuttings or by seeds. Generally cutting is used for propagation because seeds take a very long time for germination. For a new cutting, you must allow it to dry for a few days and plant this cutting in coarse soil. Yucca is a slow growing plant and it will take few weeks to make roots. Presoaking of the seeds for 20 hours in warm water may reduce the germination time. After germination plant seeds in part sun.

5" specimin
Adams Needla Yucca

5 feet tall yucca plants!

4 feet Yuccas
Best yucca indeed

The yucca plant is an evergreen shrub that does not shed its leaves each year and abundantly grow in southeastern United States. It grows in dry, sandy or rocky habitats and in fields, road shoulders, open woods and nursery beds. Leaves of the yucca are usually pointed, stiff, and narrow, with saw like or fibrous edges.

4 feet tall yucca

24 inches or taller

The leaves are basal; that is, they all originate from one point, taking the form of a rosette. Leaves terminate in sharp spines. Stem is present in the form underground rhizome
Yucca plants have bell-shaped, white, cream-color, or whitish-green flowers. These flowers grow on inflorescence, which springs up from the center of a leaf-cluster. There are several flowers presents on an inflorescence.

2 t0 3 feet, good stock

Another variety of yucca

Always add little water to new planted yucca. Beds must be raised. sand, small gravel or granite chips, such as chicken grit, will keep dry the root neck and bottom of the stem. Sand should contain some clay or peat for clumping. Rhizome is underground and very near to surface where one can't compress them.
Adams Needle (Yucca) - Very distinct evergreen plants of fine form and of the highest value where effect is sought. They are hardy for the most part, and all of the kinds mentioned are vigorous and well suited for the flower garden. Even species that do not flower so often are magnificent if grown in the full sun and in good soil

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