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Cactus and Succulent Plants

History and Background
I started Free Aloe Guy as an experiment: to see if folks would be interested in growing the hardy aloe vera. Now that I've established that there is a demand, I'm branching out.
I have landscape plants: cactus and yucca plants that you can also acquire.

Aloe Plants

I used to play games on the internet. Now I'm into internet marketing. I treat network marketing kinda like a computer game. One that depends on establishing a base of operations, expanding presence, using resources wisely, and working within a very tight budget. The time investment is immense, but I tell myself that it's fun. So I don't get discouraged. Making friends is one of the rewards. Now I'm expanding into other areas. Using networks, forums and traffic exchanges, I'm slowly growing my business. But FreeAloeGuy was how I started and I will keep on offering this wonderful plant ... I am the father of a 23 year old daughter. I live in the eastern metro Atlanta, Georgia area. I am exploring the internet, building an .. business in my spare time.

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The Aloe Guy

Randall Parks
380 Cannon Farm Rd.
Oxford, Ga. 30054